Kansas City 4th District: Rizzo Ahead Of Bunch In Council Election Signup

As we noted, this week council election signature gathering started and we want to share a quick story about political experience outmaneuvering the advantages of the incumbent. 

The basics . . .

KCMO 4th District challenger Henry Rizzo seems to have garnered an important victory in ballot position for the upcoming council election.

Here's a bit of insight into how he did it . . .

On Tuesday morning election petitioners lined up in KCMO to start their campaign. 

Meanwhile . . .

Henry Rizzo placed himself ahead of the pack by waiting in line early at Clay County election board offices with more than 700 voter petition signatures in tow. 

Mr. Rizzo seems to have taken first place on the ballot which is important and offers a nearly 10% boost for any campaign according to many consultants. 

He beat Councilman Bunch by a little more than an hour. 

It's an important outcome for both campaigns and what might be the kick-off of a hotly contested race. 

Meanwhile .  . . 

Advocate Crissy Dastrup plans to turn in her signatures later this week after refocusing on her campaign following a great deal of her time dedicated to the 18th & Vine Big Balloon Build

Developing . . .