Kansas City 2nite: New Dime Store Redux, Left Rage & Twitter Troubles

A quick roundup of news stories with some adorned by our patented snark as we check pop culture, community news and top headlines.

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Festival Of Lights Starts

Kansas City Jewish community celebrates start of Hanukkah with public menorah lighting

Sunday marked the first night of Hanukkah. Members of Kansas City's Jewish community gathered to celebrate with a public menorah lighting.Union Station was also lit blue Sunday night to mark the beginning of the holiday and to bring awareness to the rise in antisemitism. "Hanukkah is all about light and joy.

Old School Rules Midtown

Annual Kansas City Senior Citizen Christmas Dinner relies on community for help

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - In its 46 th year, the Kansas City Senior Citizens Christmas Dinner is set to serve hundreds of people ages 60 and older in just one week. After a turkey supplier dropped out last week, founder and organizer Richard White is relying on his faith and the community to pull together this year's dinner.

Well Deserved Help For Holidays

Habitat for Humanity of Kansas City helps family of 5 purchase home just in time for Christmas

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - This Christmas, Paola Gomez, her husband Moises Quintero, and their three sons, Moises, Dante, and Leo, now have a place they can call home . "I am so happy that we can have our house right now and have a Merry Christmas with our kids," said Gomez.

Tragic KC Crash: Please Drive Safely This Week

KC woman perishes in crash after car launched mid-air during police chase

KANSAS CITY, Kan. (WIBW) - A Kansas City woman has died after her car was launched into the air during a police chase. The Kansas Highway Patrol Crash Log indicates that just after 12:30 a.m. on Thursday, Dec.

Local Retail Revival

Brookside business bringing new life to 'New Dime Store' space

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - LADYCO, a local women's boutique, has moved into the New Dime Store space in Brookside. The New Dime Store was a long-time staple in the neighborhood before a fire closed its doors in 2020, and now LADYCO owner, Abby Flores is excited to give the location new life.

Hottie Holiday Fashion Debated

I wore a lace catsuit to a Christmas party - trolls say it was too scandalous

AN influencer has divided opinions on social media after sharing the racy outfit that she wore to a Christmas party. American social media star, Roan McLean, from New York City, United States, took to the video sharing platform, where she posed whilst wearing a see-through lace catsuit, lingerie and flat shoes.

Grumpy Old Men Series Renewed

How the midterms changed the 2024 primaries for Biden and Trump | CNN Politics

Much of the conversation in the leadup to the midterms revolved around how Republicans were clamoring for former President Donald Trump's endorsement, while Democrats wanted President Joe Biden to stay away. A little over a month after the election, however, the picture looks quite different.

Dems Threaten MAGA Yet Again

Jan. 6 committee finalizes criminal referral plan for Trump

WASHINGTON - The House Jan. 6 committee met Sunday to finalize its plans to issue at least three criminal referrals for former President Donald Trump, NBC News has learned exclusively.

Feds Rule Social Media

Twitter Files 'supplemental' shows even Trust and Safety chief not 'comfortable' with FBI 'demanding' answers

Substack writer Matt Taibbi added a "supplemental" thread on Sunday to his latest "Twitter Files" drop on FBI connections with the social media site. After revealing on Friday that members of Twitter had near constant communication with FBI agents from 2020 to 2022, Taibbi detailed an additional conflict between the federal agency and the social media company when the FBI appeared displeased with Twitter's responses.

Vote On Fate Of Chief Twit 

Elon Musk says he will step down as Twitter CEO if voted out by a poll he tweeted | CNN Business

Twitter's mercurial new boss may be out the door after less than two months on the job, if results of a Twitter poll go against him.

Branding Redux As Raitings Fade

CNN chief says 'uninformed vitriol' from left has been 'stunning'

Chris Licht, who became CEO of CNN earlier this year, said he has been surprised by the "uninformed vitriol" directed at him from liberals as he attempts to shift the network's editorial direction, in a series of interviews with the New York Times. Licht took over the network in May, making a series of staffing...

Machines Start Next War?!?

How to avoid another world war

The first world war was a kind of cultural suicide that destroyed Europe's eminence. Europe's leaders sleepwalked - in the phrase of historian Christopher Clark - into a conflict which none of them would have entered had they foreseen the world at war's end in 1918.

Ben's Leftovers For Prez

Jennifer Garner's 'shock career move' after ex Ben Affleck tied to similar role

JENNIFER Garner is seriously weighing up a new career in politics, a source has told The U.S. Sun. A Hollywood insider says that the Alias star, 50, has the backing of Tinseltown heavyweights such as power couple JJ Abrams and his wife Katie McGrath, who are urging her to go for it.

'Dances With Smufs' Deuce Disappoints

Did the box office opening for 'Avatar: The Way of Water' live up to expectations?

It's a Hollywood axiom right up there with "Nobody knows anything": Never underestimate James Cameron. Thirteen years after Cameron's 2009 sci-fi juggernaut "Avatar" smashed global box office records, many wondered whether the filmmaker could repeat history with the sequel, "Avatar: The Way of Water."

South KC History Endures

Christmas in Midst of Civil War

Christmastime brightens the spirit with the soft, dimly lit ambiance of a glowing tree. Evergreen hangs from doorways, fences and railings. The fire crackles and sends warmth in deep contrast to the icy nights fogging up the windows of homes. Christmas is full of fascination and excitement. It's nostalgic.

Wild Weather Weak Starts . . .

Snow and rain in the forecast Monday

If you're dreaming of a white Christmas, just like the ones you used to know, where treetops glisten, and children listen......we might be able to help you out with one of those.Maybe. It might just also be accompanied by arctic air and dangerous temperatures.With multiple chances for snow next week, the possibility of a white Christmas is still in play.You're on your own with the kids, though.

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