Johnson County, Kansas Approves EPIC FED CASH Against Worsening Homeless Crisis

Kudos to the Golden Ghetto for spending a bit of money to solve their own problems.

An old school solution that was formerly and famously deployed: JoCo smokies dropping off wandering hobos in KCMO . . . A practice disputed by none other than John Rambo

Now . . .

Homelessness is becoming an endemic American crisis and the community is learning to take care of their own problems.

Check-it .  . .

For the last four months, more than 100 people discussed how to address homelessness in Kansas' wealthiest county. On Thursday, the Board of County Commissioners discussed — and approved — almost $4 million in federal money to tackle one of those problems.

"So it's a lot of money," said assistant county manager Joe Connor, "but it will be just one piece to move things forward. That money will basically be pledged towards a facility." He added, "It's just another piece in the whole cog and trying to figure out how we're going to address housing issues in Johnson County, specifically homelessness in this case. So it's a nice start."

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Johnson County approves millions to address homelessness

On Thursday, the Johnson County Board of Commissioners approved almost $4 million in federal dollars that will go to address a fraction of its homelessness problems.KMBC's Rebecca Gannon reported that some people believe Johnson County homes are multi-million dollar homes that look the same.