Joe Posnanski Shares Tribute To Grant Wahl After Journalist's Death In Qatar

Maybe the best things we've read today . . .

Here's an EPIC passage from a former Kansas City newspaper sports writer . .  .

As a person, he was ceaselessly kind. As a reporter, he was bursting with courage and an unerring sense of right and wrong. As a writer, he was so deeply alive. And as a friend, mostly as a friend, he was undyingly devoted and loyal. The best of us. Every way.

His sudden death on Friday while covering the World Cup in Qatar has left so many of us shaken and numb and empty inside. He was 48. He seemed younger than that. Throughout a turbulent and often sleepless night, I thought of scores of car rides together in distant cities, World Cup matches, Final Fours, Olympic Games and so many times when we magically just ran into each other in New York where he lived or Kansas City where he grew up or some other unexpected place. I thought about him repeatedly and enthusiastically introducing me to his wife Celine Gounder, a half dozen times at least, and how Celine and I would each say with exasperated amusement, “Yes, Grant, we’ve met.”

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There are six words you will see again and again over the coming days as so many of us try to make sense of the senseless: He was the best of us. Grant Wahl was that. As a person, he was ceaselessly kind.