Jackson County Property Tax Q & A

There are more questions and complaints as tax deadlines loom. 

Here's a quick & informative message sent out by some local lawmakers that's worth a glimpse:

A message from Whitney S. Miller, Director of Collection, Jackson County, Missouri.

I want to thank you if you have already paid your 2022 property tax bills. If you haven’t, not to worry! You have until 11:40 p.m. CT on December 31, 2022, to pay online through myJacksonCounty.

Whether or not you have already paid your property tax bill for 2022, I wanted to take the opportunity to address a few questions that have arisen this tax season.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my bill higher than last year when my car stayed the same?

Most used car values increased significantly from 2021 to 2022. By Missouri state statute, the Assessor’s Office bases all vehicle values on the average trade-in value as published by the National Automobile Dealers Association. Depending on the trade-in value of your car, your value may have changed even though your vehicle didn't.
Who can I contact about the wrong vehicle being listed on my tax bill?
The Assessor's Office can help resolve this issue.

Individuals can call 816-881-1330 or email IPP@jacksongov.org
Businesses can call 816-881-4672 or email BPAsmt@jacksongov.org

Who can I contact with questions about my bill?
If you have questions about your property characteristics or value, or to change your address, contact the Assessor's Office.

For Personal Property call 816-881-1330 or email IPP@jacksongov.org

For Business Personal Property call 816-881-4672 or email BPAsmt@jacksongov.org

For Residential Real Estate call 816-881-3530 or email asmtcustomerservice@jacksongov.org

For Commercial Real Estate call 816-881-3074 or email asmtcustomerservice@jacksongov.org

If you have questions about billing, contact the Collections Office by calling 816-881-3232 or emailing collections@jacksongov.org.

What dates will Jackson County offices be closed over the holidays?

Jackson County offices will be closed on the dates below, but you will still be able to pay your property taxes online on these holidays and on any day throughout the property tax season, by visiting myJacksonCounty.

Monday, December 26 in observation of Christmas
Saturday, December 31 (the last day to pay timely)

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