Jackson County Legislature Legal Argument Over School Board Members Holding Office

The new courthouse elected officials deal with a bit of sour grapes from politicos who were voted out or termed out . . . 

We're curious to see the ruling on this one . . . But, honestly, it's not a topic the raises our dander.

Here's a worthwhile passage to consider in recent reporting . . .

"It is not unusual for people to hold two elected offices simultaneously. 

While serving as an elected member of his city council, the current mayor of Olathe, John Bacon, was for 10 years also an elected member of the Kansas State Board of Education. 

It’s unclear how soon a court will make a ruling. The judge assigned to the case set a hearing for March 24 and then recused herself on Tuesday and asked the presiding judge of the 16th Circuit Court to select someone else to hear it. Then on Thursday, the entire bench of the 16th Circuit recused itself, meaning a judge from another county will hear the case."

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New members of Jackson County Legislature also serve on school boards. Is that legal?

The Jackson County charter says county legislators must not serve two masters. To be a member of the county's governing body, legislators must resign from any other elective office they hold. Voters in November chose six newcomers to fill seats on the nine-member legislature.