Ivanhoe Ousts Neighborhood Board

A quick look at local Democracy and why volunteering within your urban community is an important yet thankless job . . .

Residents voted in 12 new board members, hoping to get the association back on track.

"Ivanhoe had built a name for itself as an organization that really cared about its membership, and it really cared about its residents,” longtime Ivanhoe resident Alana Henry said.

Now, the board is ready to get to work with a packed agenda for its meeting on Monday.

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Ivanhoe residents vote on big changes following months long battle between board and members

Residents voted on some big changes in the Ivanhoe Neighborhood Association on Saturday afternoon. This comes after a months-long battle between the board and residents. Residents are calling the meeting a huge win. For years, the Ivanhoe Neighborhood Association has been known for being resident-led and resident-driven.