Here's How Kansas City Developers Are Killing 39th Street

It's the same story across midtown . . .


The push for "density" at all costs consumes our Mayor & council and has created a bevy of sketchy building code switcheroos along with approval for so many questionable building schemes. 

Special thanks to our KICK-ASS TKC BLOG COMMUNITY for sending us a note on this topic. 

We selected this detailed passage from a lengthy note on the topic . . . 

The neighborhood saw a presentation from a developer wanting to build a 66-foot building on the northeast corner of 39/Roanoke. Currently the northwest corner is for sale, also. There are at least three other areas that could be considered ‘inefficiently used to a less than best use.’ If those were developed similarly to this proposed development, there would be a canyon that shades the street and neighborhood four months of the year.

The midtown plan puts a 50-foot height limit upon buildings in this area! Even this, duplicated four or five times, would cause too much traffic and noise on 39th Street. Please look at development areas holistically. The beauty we can develop is not an elusive goal, nor is it a by chance phenomenon. I am opposed to wresting large areas of the sky and our sunny lawns from the public and neighborhood for private profits. 

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West 39th Street

Decidedly underrated, West 39th Street is a funky collage of culture and cuisine-and one of the most colorful neighborhoods in the city. Similar to First Fridays in the Crossroads Arts District , Third Fridays shines a spotlight on a KC district worth celebrating, where live music fills the air and local merchants and restaurants offer exclusive deals.