Hampton: Rock Chalk Football Forever

Hampton is one of the best writers in Kansas City and his musings on life & sports are some of the best this cowtown has to offer.

His perspective on the comeback of KU football is CERTAINLY worth a peek . . .

"This football glow-up feels a little like seeing your favorite indie band find mainstream success. Of course you’re happy for them. But you still lament the loss of intimacy and access that comes when they jump from cheap dives to overpriced arenas."

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I was skeptical of KU football's long-term prospects-and I was wrong

Remember Social Distortion? In the mid-'90s, the post-punk band had a monster hit with "I Was Wrong," a muscular, grunge anthem about the sheer, cathartic joy of admitting your mistakes. After seeing what happened with Kansas football this year, it's time for me to sing about mine.