Former KCPD Attorney Open Letter Claims HQ Corruption: 'Reputation In Tatters"

Today's well planned news blast from yet another former KC employee . . .

Here's the word . . .

The former KCPD attorney said the department has a favorable history, but he argued corruption, cronyism and cover-ups "have hollowed the soul of this once-great institution."

McCarty said the agency's reputation is now in tatters. In the letter, he said he doesn't know the origin of the decline but has witnessed the "ongoing erosion of conviction, integrity, faith in leadership (and) morale."

McCarty said he's not referring to the detention and patrol officers and detectives who put their lives on the line. He's talking about those at Kansas City police headquarters who "lord over the rest."

Specifically, McCarty said he's speaking about Mabin and General Counsel Holly Dodge.

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Former KCPD attorney pens letter, calling for interim chief to be fired

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A now-former attorney for the Kansas City Police Department has released a scathing letter to public, calling for the interim chief to be fired. Former Associate General Counsel Ryan McCarty worked for the department for about six months before he said Interim Chief Joseph Mabin terminated him this week.

Former KCPD attorney details concerns with department, interim chief, general counsel in letter

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - When Ryan McCarty was hired by former Kansas City, Missouri, Police Department Chief Rick Smith, he says he was unaware he would be "walking into a den of clowns and thieves." The now-former KCPD attorney released an eight-page letter Saturday detailing his concerns regarding the department, but mainly his disdain for Interim Chief Joseph Mabin and General Counsel Holly Dodge.

Former KCPD attorney writes letter critical of department leaders

A former attorney for the Kansas City, Missouri, Police Department is raising concerns about department leadership.In a letter obtained by KMBC 9, former Associate General Counsel for KCPD Ryan McCarty says he believes he was unjustly fired this week for speaking out about concerns regarding his boss, KCPD's general counsel, and the interim chief.