Excelsior Springs Sex Dungeon Suspect Denies 'One-Sided' Narrative

Social media unfairly labeled him a serial killer before deets of his arrest. 

However . . . In fairness . . .

A note to judge reveals concern for his family and denial of stories that have already reached the New York Post and circulated around the world.

Here's part of his argument . . .

Court documents previously revealed that Haslett allegedly handcuffed the victim's wrist and ankles and held her in a small room in his basement.

The victim was wearing a trash bag, a metal collar with a padlock and duct tape around her neck, according to court documents.

In a letter to a judge, Haslett denied the allegations against him.

He said local and national news reports present a "one-sided narrative" and argues those reports should not be used as proof that he's a danger to anyone.

Haslett wrote his ex-wife and child were never in danger and would never be a target of any crime he allegedly committed.

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Excelsior Springs kidnapping suspect defends character in letter to judge

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A man charged with kidnapping and sexually assaulting a woman writes a letter defending his character to a judge handling his child custody case. Police arrested Timothy Haslett, Jr., of Excelsior Springs, in October. A woman accused him of abducting her and holding her against her will for weeks.

Preliminary hearing for Excelsior Springs rape, kidnapping suspect continued to January

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A preliminary hearing for an Excelsior Springs man accused of kidnapping and raping a woman has been continued to Jan. 10, 2022. Timothy Haslett Jr., who was arrested and charged in the incident on Oct. 7, was scheduled to appear in court on Friday.

Preliminary hearing rescheduled for Excelsior Springs kidnapping and rape suspect

A judge has rescheduled a preliminary hearing until January for Excelsior Springs rape and kidnapping suspect Tim Haslett Jr.Haslett, 39, is charged with first-degree rape, kidnapping, and second-degree assault after police say a woman escaped Haslett's home in Excelsior Springs in October.Haslett requested the continuance.In a separate custody case for

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