Dude Shot Dead After Stealing Cop Car & Targeting Police In The Dotte

Morning ruckus as suspect reportedly goes out with a bang at the conclusion of 2022.

Here's the preliminary report . . .

KCKPD says when the responding officer got out of their police car and approached the vehicle, which appeared to be abandoned.

The officer then called for help, and other law enforcement members were able to stop the car quickly.

The police department then said the man got out of the police car and again pointed a gun at officers.

At that point, authorities say multiple law enforcement officers shot and killed the man. The unidentified man was declared deceased at the scene.

Police say that no officers were harmed in the shooting.

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KCK police shoot and kill a man they say drove off in a patrol car and pointed a gun at officers

The Kansas City, Kansas, Police Department says multiple officers were involved in a shooting that left one man dead Friday morning.Police authorities have not specified exactly how many officers were involved in the incident.

Kansas City, Kansas, police shoot, kill man who stole police cruiser

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - A man is dead Friday after stealing a Kansas City, Kansas, police vehicle and pointing a gun at officers, according to police. The shooting happened near 95th and Parallel Parkway. A Kansas City, Missouri, police spokesperson said a KCK officer responded to a call regarding a person having trouble with a vehicle.

Kansas City, Kansas, police involved in shooting Friday morning

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City, Kansas, police were involved in a shooting just after 8 a.m. Friday near the Legends Outlets. In a media briefing, KCKPD Chief Karl Oakman said calls were made regarding an abandoned car, so an officer was sent to check out the claims. Upon arrival, an unknown person reportedly approached the officer, shot at him and fled the scene in the officer's cruiser.

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