Desperate Plaza Keeps Lights Aglow Amid Kansas City Harsh Times

Here's a very real sign that local holiday season biz didn't live up to expectations and desperately needs a boost . . .

“It’s our gift to you, Kansas City!” the Plaza posted on Facebook.

Now, the lights will shine through Feb 19.

The Plaza notes that this means they’ll be on for Valentine’s Day. So, feel free to make the lights part of your romantic day.

Actually, this is a smart move that won't cost much money in the era of lower power LED lights. 

Still . . . 

This is also a sign that local retail continues to suffer in the aftermath of the pandemic, social justice rioting and political pushback against the real estate history of this iconic local destination.

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Plaza lights to stay on 6 weeks longer as part of centennial celebration

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) - The Evergy Plaza Lights will be staying on for an additional six weeks as part of the County Club Plaza's centennial celebration. "It's our gift to you, Kansas City!" the Plaza posted on Facebook. Now, the lights will shine through Feb 19.

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