Confronting Fanboi Moment Of Doubt In Kansas City Chiefs Ahead Of Playoff Season

It would be unwise to overlook legit concern from knowledgeable fans about the late season performance of the Chiefs.

Here's an overview and yet another indication that confidence of a Super Bowl follow-up continues to fade . . .

"On the flip side, the Chiefs haven’t exactly been blowing away opponents, including two straight victories in which the talent differential was substantial but the final score was close. The Chiefs turn the ball over on a regular basis, have serious gaps on defense, and had trouble with two of the NFL’s worst teams over the last two weeks.

"So what are we to think of this year’s Chiefs roster? How capable are they of making a deep playoff run?"

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Rooting for the Kansas City Chiefs this year feels like an odd tension of sorts. On the one hand, the Chiefs sit at the top of the food chain in many ways with sustained success, an 11-3 record, a 7th consecutive division title in the AFC West, and the game's best young quarterback.

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