Carnes Claimz 'Selective Enforcement' Amid Federal Tax Indictment Beef

The behind the scenes Eastern Jack politico is now front and center and arguing against law enforcement.

Here's his comment that stands out tonight . . .

"There's millions of people in this country that are in same tax situation I am," Carnes said. "This is selective enforcement."

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I-Team exclusive: Independence lawyer John Carnes addresses tax evasion indictment

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - The I-Team interviewed John Carnes at his office about his indictment Friday. The Internal Revenue Service charged Carnes with nine counts of failing to pay his taxes, tax evasion and obstruction. Carnes doesn't deny he failed to pay his taxes, but told the I-Team, it's his belief the feds are coming after him because of KSHB's previous reporting.