Capitalism & Gracie Hunt Killed Christmas

A holiday season observation . . .

The Chiefs heiress seemingly wants to be famous but doesn't have any discernible skill other than her beauty that's a Kansas City 10 but sadly only ranks as a Los Angeles 7 & 1/2. 

No matter. 

Small town love translates to her cabal of insta bots admirers and provides easily purchased adoration which might be another sign that capitalism is broken. 

Today's example . . .

"The NFL world held their hearts while looking at the classy photographs from Hunt. Fans greeted Hunt on the gratifying day, with some even complimenting her on her beautiful and classy snaps."

Let's also consider this alternative perspective . . . 

While we Americans have spent our entire lives marinating in advertising tempting us with luscious products to consume, the truth is that humans do not have strong inherent desires for material goods. Let’s imagine humans in a world devoid of induced craving: We would probably work enough to have food to eat, live off the land, and spend the rest of the time futzing around (aka leisure).

How, then, could capitalists get people to work hard at extremely unpleasant jobs? For a long time, the answer was simple: slavery. But then, in the 19th century, slavery was driven to extinction in the Western hemisphere. During this time, there was surprisingly frank planning among capitalists about this aspect of human nature. Given this problem, how could they motivate people to do the same awful work enriching others without the threat of force? They decided one important tactic should be to “create wants.”

As a member of the British Parliament put it in 1833:

"They [people formerly enslaved by the British Empire] must be gradually taught to desire those objects which could be attained by human labour. There was a regular progress from the possession of necessaries to the desire of luxuries; and what once were luxuries, gradually came, among all classes and conditions of men, to be necessaries. … This was the sort of education to which they ought to be subject."

A United Fruit staffer made the same point in the 1920s about Central Americans:

"The mozos or working people have laboured only when forced to and that was not often, for the land would give them what little they needed. … The desire for goods, it may be remarked, is something that has to be cultivated. … Our advertising is slowly having the same effect as in the United States … All of this is having its effect in awakening desires."

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After Patrick Mahomes Clips Seahawks Wings, Chiefs Heiress Flays Fans' Hearts on a Gratifying Day

The Kansas City Chiefs have become a juggernaut in the AFC. The franchise is on a Super Bowl run this season with almost everybody on the song. Naturally, the holiday spirit is high at Arrowhead Stadium. Just a day after Patrick Mahomes and Co.

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Merry Christmas! We're All Being Murdered by Capitalism.

Here at The Intercept, our internal motto is "More Bad News for You, the Bad News Consumer." We also sometimes refer to ourselves as "Your Daily Death March of Sorrow." That's why, as you celebrate the holidays with your family, snuggling your loved ones close and putting out the cookies for Santa Claus, it's on brand for us to remind you that capitalism is killing us all.

You decide . . .