Blame This Dude For 'First To Worst' Demise Of Kansas City Royals?!?

Actually . . . Most of the blame rests with Dayton Moore . . . Who wasn't a genius, just a guy who was uncomfortable with pr0n.

Meanwhile, fanbois direct their ire this way . . .

So we are forced to consider Ryan O’Hearn in a different light, a harsher light, lest we heap wild praise on every big leaguer for being athletic marvels and lose sight of what makes MLB fun and exciting. And in that light, with the weightiest of expectations that come with the opportunity to earn millions of dollars, O’Hearn has been a disappointment and someone whose time on an MLB roster should have run out ages ago.

As 2022 came to a close, the Kansas City Royals finally released O’Hearn, who became a 40-man roster casualty to make room for free agent Jordan Lyles. It was a long time coming. After catching lightning in a bottle in 2018, O’Hearn spent the next four seasons in a consistent offensive quagmire, hitting between 28 and 36 percent below league average every year. For a first baseman, those numbers are untenable. Indeed, by Fangraphs’ version of Wins Above Replacement, O’Hearn has been the second-worst position player in all of baseball since 2019.

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An ode to Ryan O'Hearn, the unfortunate poster child of the Royals' downfall

Ryan O'Hearn is better at baseball than most of us will ever be at anything in our lives. It earned him a few million dollars and retirement in his 30s if he wanted it. His baseball career has been, by most reasonable measures, a wild success, and he has enviable stories to tell friends and family for the rest of his life.