Bike/Walk KC Activists Study Alleged Structural Racism Of Local Streets

Forgive us for noticing but it seems like they've already stumbled upon the conclusion. 

We hope this saves them some time. 

In the meantime . . . 

Bike lanes and amateur urban planning seem to have fallen out of favor locally given so many maze-like structures build that don't actually serve to make local streets any safer but do, in fact, win hefty consulting fees for lucky souls who are politically aligned with our 2nd favorite proponent of bike supremacy.

Check-it . . .

"This project seeks to understand (1) the relationship of traffic-related injuries and death to the built environment and infrastructure in historically marginalized neighborhoods, (2) if infrastructure investments are equitably distributed, and (3) how existing conditions reflect the outcomes of previous policy decisions. BikeWalkKC will collect data on infrastructure conditions, traffic crashes, injuries and mortalities, neighborhood demographics, and social determinants of health to understand the intersection between infrastructure investments, road safety, and equity in the city."

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Using local data to address structural racism with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

In Kansas City, there is a demonstrated relationship between traffic infrastructure, demographic characteristics, and rate of serious injury or death from traffic violence because of historical disinvestment in communities of color.