Activist Seyz Kansas City LGBT Perfection Isn't Good Enough

A litany of complaints is nothing new for our progressive friends. 

However . . .

Here's a refreshing bit of griping because things are too good for allegedly "alternative" lifestyles in KCMO. 

Check-it . . .

Kansas City’s “perfect” score drew concern from some local leaders in the LGBTQ community, who said it may give the impression that the city has no further need for improvement on LGBTQ equality. 

“I was curious about why 100% scores are given in the first place — why any city would be able to get what is essentially a perfect score,” said Stacy Busch, the executive director and co-founder of No Divide KC, a local arts organization focused on amplifying marginalized voices. “That doesn’t leave any room for progress.”

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Kansas City got perfect score on LGBTQ equality. But there's more to do, leaders say

The Human Rights Campaign, one of the nation's largest LGBTQ advocacy organizations, awarded Kansas City's municipal government a score of 100% on its laws, policies and services meant to promote the equality of people with marginalized genders and sexual orientations. The organization released its 15th annual Municipal Equality Index report at the end of November.