Will Kansas City Voters Raise Taxes To Subsidize Affordable Housing???

The answer is likely 'yes' according to some polling.

What's worse is there's no organized opposition because Crosby Kemper III and that creepy Missouri hedge fund dude gave up on this town. 

The punch line . . .

Organizers claim that this effort won't raise taxes. It will. AND THEN they say that raising taxes will help solve the homeless crisis. It won't.

Here's the pitch . . .

"The ballot question would authorize the city to issue a $50 million bond. It would come at no additional cost to taxpayers because it would replace a different bond that the city will finish paying this year."

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This ballot question would fund 'deeply affordable housing' in KC

“I would say most of the people that I talk to are absolutely on board that affordable housing at the deeper affordability — $550 to $750 per month — is what Kansas City needs,”