TKC Sneak Peek: What You Might See At Kansas City Midterm Polls Today

Right now we share a quick look of what voters might see today at their local polling station . . .

- Volunteers Collecting Signatures for upcoming council campaigns

 This is the best cheap and effective time to garner "support" for a council run . . . The odds are good that voters might see a future council member collecting signatures for their fledgling efforts today. 

- Kansas City's Marginally Employed . . .

Local politics provides a paycheck to quite a few people who can't/don't want to find work in other endeavors. TKC worked the polls not so long ago and it's kinda fun to get paid for standing around and bothering people. 

We advise locals to take it all in stride AND merely avoid eye contact in order to avoid the hard sell. 

- Long Lines

Red wave or progressive push back . . . Voting will be crowded today so give yourself extra time to tackle an overly confusing ballot jam packed with mediocre personalities and clandestine tax increases.

Good luck . . .

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Polling locations open at 6 am Tuesday in Missouri

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Polling locations open across Missouri open at 6 a.m. Tuesday. This midterm election voters will choose a new U.S. Senator to replace retiring Roy Blunt and decide whether to legalize marijuana among several other local and statewide issues. The Kansas City Election Board oversees voting within the city limits within Jackson County, Missouri.

Thousands take advantage of early voting ahead of election day in Jackson County

Thousands of people have already voted in Jackson County.Lines wrapped around the lower level of Union Station Monday - sometimes making it outside the building.At times, the wait lasted more than an hour.

Election Day is here!

Kansas and Missouri are headed to the polls today! Voters have some big races to decide: governor, U.S. Senate and attorney general in Kansas, and in Missouri, an open U.S. Senate contest plus constitutional amendments to legalize recreational marijuana and increase KCPD funding.

ELECTION DAY KANSAS CITY: Polls open in Kansas, Missouri

7 a.m. | Polls are now open in Kansas. Voters have until 7 p.m. on both sides of the state line to get in line to cast their ballots. 6:55 a.m. | Over 50Kansas voters are lined up outside the Johnson County Arts and Heritage Center just minutes before polls open in the state.

Americans head to the polls for Election Day with the balance of power in Congress at stake

It's not a presidential year, but these are high-stakes elections nonetheless. Among the things to watch: Will the expected "red wave" be a ripple or a tsunami? What effect will the Supreme Court decision striking down Roe v. Wade have?

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