TKC Reader Suggestion: Skills Trump Racism

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"The solution is neither to stop fighting biased behavior nor to curb honest inquiry about race in America . . .The solution isn’t to look away from discrimination. It does exist. But we also can’t point at every gap in outcomes and instantly conclude it’s racism. Prejudice must be measured rigorously. Statistically. Disparity doesn’t necessarily imply racism. It may feel omnipresent, but it isn’t all-powerful. Skills matter most."

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Opinion | Disparity Doesn't Necessarily Imply Racism

I was raised, in part, by my paternal grandmother-a phenomenal black woman born in 1925 who came of age during Jim Crow, attended Bethune-Cookman University in the early 1940s, and experienced both the promise and limitations of the civil-rights era when integrating schools in Florida in 1969.