TKC Fact Check: 'Christmas In Kansas City' Song Was Sorta Suicide Note

Reality check . . . Brad Millison, committed suicide shortly after writing the song that is synonymous with the Plaza lights.

Here's a more happy-go-lucky hot take about the holiday season in this cowtown for balance . . .

To me, Kansas City is Christmas.

There is one Christmas constant. This year, on Thanksgiving Day, marked the 93rd year of the lighting of Christmas lights on the Country Club Plaza.

The area — the first suburban shopping area designed for automobile traffic — was the creation of J.C. Nichols, a major developer in Kansas City. Inspired by a love of Spain, buildings reflect a distinctly European architectural scene.

At Christmas, all the buildings — including the bell towers, domes and balconies — are outlined with colored bulbs. In addition, colorful imported tiles, statues and fountains make this a must for any visitor.

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TRAVEL COLUMN: Kansas City, Mo., is Christmas

The air was damp and chill; the sky, gray. But Christmas in Kansas City never required sunny weather, or even snow. Garlands of colorful glitter swooped over the downtown streets, centered by giant bells that swayed in the wind. I was 13 and on my own for the first time.