Suspect Mugshots & More Deets After Westport Woman Pistol Whipped

Kansas City party district aftermath offers more insight into late night partying gone horribly wrong.

Here's the reporting . . .

"The victims later told police that they were walking along Pennsylvania Avenue when the two males started hitting one of the victims. The other victim was unaware that she had been "pistol whipped" by one of the suspects.

On Oct. 27. the police department was provided several videos of the incident that had been posted on social media.

In the video, investigators said the victims were walking to their vehicles after the clubs were closing and one of the suspects made inappropriate remarks to the woman and the male victim, and one of the suspects started a fight."

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Two Kansas City men charged in Westport assault

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Jackson County prosecution office has charged two 26-year-old men in a Westport assault beating of a man and woman that occurred on Oct. 23. Collin E. London and Daniel McQuarters face two counts of first-degree assaults.