Survey Seyz Most Voters Dislike Prez Biden's Free Money For College Debt

TKC doesn't claim to be a political scientist . . . BUT . . . The popularity of the White House is certainly fading when they can't even give money away.

Check the stats . . .

Polling shows 50.1% of people oppose President Joe Biden's student debt forgiveness plan in Kansas. Across the state line, 50.4% of people oppose it in Missouri. In each state, about 35% of people support the loan forgiveness, and about 15% are undecided.

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FOX4/Emerson poll: Most Missourians, Kansans oppose student loan forgiveness

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Our FOX4/Emerson College/The Hill polls released this week in Missouri and Kansas asked respondents whether they support or oppose the recent federal student loan forgiveness program. "I've talked to people who have enormous debt," Kansas City, Missouri, resident Marilyn Carpenter told FOX4 Wednesday.