Survey Seyz: Kansas City Still Slightly More Affordable Than Nicer Places

Recent economic data reveals that Kansas City continues to hold onto claims of affordability but only because inflation is much worse in bigger, better cities.

Here's today's reminder that circumstances in bigger towns are even more unfavorable . . .

The Kansas City metro's overall Regional Price Parity Index score was 94.7, meaning it is a little more than 5% more affordable than the national average.

Among the nation's 100 largest metros, Kansas City ranks as the 31st most-affordable metro. When it comes to the costs of selected good and services, the area ranks:

No. 28 out of 100 for goods affordability
No. 31 for housing affordability
No. 88 for utilities affordability

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Where Kansas City ranks among the most affordable U.S. metros - Kansas City Business Journal

While Kansas City recruiters frequently tout the metro's affordability, it's definitely not the most affordable area in the United States as residents pay more for utilities, but less for goods and housing. That's according to a Business Journals analysis of the latest data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis' Regional Price Parity Index.