Stone Cold Leawood Mansion Reminds Us That Capitalism Doesn't Work

For all of your her hard work . . . Kylie Jenner isn't a billionaire. She has only garnered around 600 MILLION BUCKS which was mostly earned by way of taking hottie Instagram pix and selling Chinese-manufactured makeup to her fans. 

Meanwhile . . . Anybody who extols the value of hard work probably wouldn't last 5 minutes at a fast food job. 

Nevertheless . . . We take a moment to admire fancy digs featured in a local lifestyle mag . . . If only to provide a guide for wealth redistribution when the revolution comes . . . Or after Vlad & Prez Biden start a nuke war and most of this town is reduced to rubble . . .

"Despite soaring ceilings, marble floors and a dedicated laundry room larger than most bedrooms, there still seem to be plenty of spots perfect to curl up with a book and a cup of tea or sip a cocktail and chat the evening away with a few friends. An alley of trees line the stone driveway leading to the French chateau-inspired home, which is built entirely with corner-cut limestone imported from an Indiana quarry."

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The grandeur of this chateau-inspired home starts with its corner-cut Indiana limestone

It doesn't seem possible for a house to be both truly grand and seriously cozy, yet that is exactly how this almost seventeen-thousand-square-foot home in Leawood feels.