Globalist 'Smart Cities' Tech Threatens To Enslave Kansas City?!?

No less than half a dozen people have sent us a variation of this recent Luddite screed that fears the rise of tech in the lives of Americans. 

The premise is about 77 years too late but POSSIBLY worth exploring.


Again . . . Too late. This already happened about the time THEY invented the wheel. 

As far as tech discrimination and control of the populace . . . TKC will worry about overwhelming power of technocrats IF/WHEN they ever prove effective in filling so many local potholes.

Nevertheless . . .

Here's the premise that still won't keep most of us from happily walking around with tracking devises that are mostly effective in avoiding small talk . . . 

We must recognize that these are the very same tools and products that make our busy 21st century lives so convenient, so efficient and entertaining. And so we buy them on cue, we upgrade them on cue, we hand over our biometric data on cue, until one day we will wake up and realize we have convenienced ourselves and entertained ourselves right into a digital gulag from which there is no escape.

This is how the globalists intend on breaking the backs of free Americans. They will do it through our finances, through the healthcare system and through the entertainment systems. Digital ID cards disguised as “health passports” or “SMART Health Cards,” will be required to work a job, to access the Internet and the coming digital bank accounts or digital wallets. The convergence of all these systems will make sure, in the words of U.N. Agenda 2030, “no person gets left behind.”

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