Show-Me Spire Spiking Kansas City Prices Ahead Of Winter

Here's a peek worsening inflation that is far from under control . . .

This winter might not be as "dark" as last time around but it'll certainly be just a bit more painful and harder to keep warm for many locals.

Check more deets that might or might not fuel questions about U.S. energy and the future . . .

Spire says this rate increase is to address the increase in the cost of natural gas from wholesale suppliers. This cost makes up between 50% and 55% of a customer's monthly bill, according to the company.

Spire is also asking the commission to approve an additional 10% increase to pay for infrastructure improvements and to pay employees better.

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Rate increase means higher gas bills for Kansas City customers

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - Spire Energy customers in Kansas City can expect to see a jump in their next gas bill. The Missouri Public Service Commission approved a rate increase for Spire West customers, which includes the Kansas City area. The increase takes effect Nov. 29, 2022.