Show-Me Senator-Elect Schmitt In Minority

This middle-aged tall white dude is going to be learning a lot of new things inside the Beltway. First & foremost . . . He's now part of a minority and might even have to compromise with people who don't share his demographics or agenda. 

Here at TKC we're optimistic about this opportunity for a Missouri politico to gain a broader perspective and continue to work for constituents . . . Progressives don't seem quite as hopeful:

"But after Schmitt is sworn into office in January, his professional life will be much different than walking up to an adoring crowd while Tom Petty music plays in the background. He’ll have to try to make his mark in a divided Congress, where the sweeping change he promised will be tough to achieve with the GOP in the Senate minority."

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Eric Schmitt won his U.S. Senate race but could face a rocky road with Democratic majority

Last Tuesday was a triumph for Eric Schmitt, but now he faces being in the U.S. Senate's Republican minority. In between the applause and rapturous cheers at a Maryland Heights hotel ballroom, Schmitt said his win was a rebuke of President Joe Biden.