Show-Me Kansas City Chiefs Confronting Midterm Outrage Irony

We already linked this story but we wanted to share a couple of snarky thoughts . . .

- This isn't so much of a crisis because most of the fans are from JoCo and the game plays to the entire region . . . Most of whom don't vote. 

- The fun fact we take away from the note . . . The Busch fam burning money STILL hasn't been able to purchase hearts & minds in Missouri . . . Even when advocating for "abortion rights" and progressive values or whatever . . . Again, sadly, we note that even a loose connection to beer can't save a bad candidate.

Here's the money line . . .

Polls show Schmitt, Missouri's attorney general, leading in the race for the open seat in the U.S. Senate despite being outspent his opponent, Trudy Busch Valentine.

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Eric Schmitt pays $75,000 for ad during Chiefs game to close out Missouri Senate race

On Sunday evening, the Kansas City Chiefs will host the Tennessee Titans in a game essential to both teams' hopes to enter the NFL playoffs with the best record in their conference. With Election Day approaching on Tuesday, Republican U.S.