Show-Me How To Challenge Upcoming Public Library Crackdown Book Bans

We don't agree with every bit of this dead-tree editorial . . .

But in general book bans are a silly idea which attempts to flex partisan influence over public institutions that aren't nearly as provocative as many keyboard warriors would imagine. 

Reality check . . . In a world where the hotness of Jordan playing librarian and so much more provocative images are just a click away . . . Hysterics about library material is mostly political posturing.

Accordingly . . . Here's a perspective worth considering . . .

Ashcroft said he proposed the rule to “hold libraries accountable.” But he also said he has not received complaints against libraries here.

The proposed rule ignores the varied intellectual developments of children. What is age appropriate for one child may not be for another. Those decisions are best made by a child’s parents. No parent should be allowed to make a decision that infringes on the freedoms of all other library users.

It is up to the library to determine age-appropriate material, which they do using the age appropriateness “suggested by the publisher or producers of the literature or materials,” said Joel Jones, deputy director of library services at Kansas City Public Library.

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Missouri's Jay Ashcroft aims to 'hold libraries accountable,' opening door to book bans

OPINION AND COMMENTARY A new rule proposed by Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft could kick open the door for special interest groups to dictate what books and materials are available for any child at local libraries. Thank goodness libraries in Kansas City and St.