Show-Me GOP Set To Snip Petition Initiative Power After Recreational Marijuana Victory

Possibly not a good look for those of us who value liberty and DIRECT DEMOCRACY over partisan slap fighting.

The new boss for Missouri Republicans targets petition power following a transformative election victory that united conservatives & progressives in order to end an unproductive drug war battle. 

At least according to progressive reporting.

Here's the word . . .

Missouri State Sen. Cindy O’Laughlin also said the passage of a constitutional amendment legalizing recreational marijuana should prompt discussion about changing the initiative petition process. Some Republicans have wanted to raise the voting threshold necessary to pass a constitutional amendment or increase the amount of signatures required to get something before voters.

“Really, the biggest downside of that is the legislature has no ability then to adjust anything,” O’Laughlin said. “Once it's in the Constitution, it's in there. And so I think that we'll look at some reforms for the initiative petition process.”

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New Missouri Senate majority leader sees ballot initiatives and education as top issues

A northeast Missouri Republican won a contested race on Thursday to be the next state Senate majority leader. Cindy O'Laughlin of Shelbina beat out Mike Bernskoetter of Jefferson City. As majority leader, O'Laughlin will be responsible for deciding which bills receive considered on the floor in 2023.