Show-Me Corporate Weed Coming Soon To Kansas City Suburbs

The nation's last cash crop was always going to be a corporate endeavor.

What's even more interesting is now Kansas City metro suburbs will have to consider the consequences of this drug trade in their own backyard rather than most Americans importing their weed from Latin America.

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Local Cannabis Co., whose parent company is Massachusetts-based Calyx Peak Inc., recently opened its 82,500-square-foot manufacturing and cultivation facility in Smithville, which has nine flower rooms. The facility will manufacture edibles, concentrates, pre-rolls, tinctures and tablets that will be sold at dispensaries throughout the state and at Local Cannabis Co.’s flagship Kansas City dispensary at 1004 W. 45th St. The company expects to start selling products for recreational use in February.

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Missouri cannabis operator Local Cannabis Co. opens 82,500-square-foot facility in Smithville - Kansas City Business Journal

With the passage of recreational cannabis use in Missouri, Local Cannabis Co. expects to cultivate three to five times more revenue, said Lee Hoffman, COO of the company's Missouri operations. "We were excited for the moment, but it's almost like when you win the (operating) licenses," Hoffman said of Amendment 3.

Medical marijuana card offers legal protection to cannabis users

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Missouri voters approved the amendment of recreational marijuana on Tuesday, but some experts advise users to pursue a medical marijuana license, despite new legislation that will make it available to anyone above the age of 21 by 2023.

What happens next with legal weed in Missouri?

The passage of Amendment 3 last week paved the way for the legal sale and consumption of recreational marijuana in Missouri. But there also are all sorts of questions about the constitutional amendment itself and how its many provisions will now be carried out: How soon will you be able to shop for edibles or retail weed?

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