Shawnee Trans Track League Stays Winning

Sorry . . . But hipster snark against election season slap fighting is kinda funny.

However . . . We admit this harmless bit of local trolling might take itself too seriously.

Here's the word . . .

"Their small, grassroots fundraising intends to funnel money toward local organizations proactively. The news from Shawnee City Hall prompted Sanders and his team to create a faux Shawnee Trans Track League T-shirt to mock the stance, with 100% of the proceeds going to the Trans Youth Equality Foundation. The shirts sold out immediately."

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Drastic Measures takes a stand to support trans youth athletes in the face of misguided politicians

Shawnee Trans Track League t-shirt fundraiser. // Courtesy Drastic Measures The city of Shawnee is certainly on a roll-and not in a good way. Earlier this year, the Shawnee City Council passed an ordinance banning co-living. Now, they've taken an unprovoked stance against transgender athletes competing in the same sports leagues as cisgender athletes.