Shameful Legacy Of Suspected Dirty Cop Sparks 'Racial Justice' Renaissance In The Dotte

A dying old man is taking the blame for a great deal of human misery in Kansas City, Kansas. 

However . . . The impact of his story won't be decided in a courtroom but on the streets of this urban community.

Here's the most important passage . . .

"Golubski is the key figure in alleged corruption stemming from his 35 years in the Kansas City, Kansas Police Department that has raised troubling questions about justice and accountability at a time when many predominantly Black or Brown communities and other disenfranchised groups are vocally demanding both. He is accused of preying on impoverished Black residents by exploiting a network of female informants for sex and for coerced testimony, which he allegedly used to close cases; charges he has denied.

"The tale that emerges from court testimony, documents and interviews reveals a world in which Golubski, at minimum, appears to have played a significantly influential role in dramatically determining what darkness happened in the lives of scores of Kansas City residents. It also provides a sense of the changes in power and justice occurring in the city, including the nuance, frustration and hope that has come as new leadership reckons with racial wounds."

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Kansas town weighs racial justice as ex-officer faces charges of abuse

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - A dozen years after his retirement, Roger Golubski returned to the Wyandotte County Courthouse in late October to testify in a hearing for two Black prison inmates who claim the White former police detective framed them for murder long ago. Golubski, 69, took the witness chair slowly.