Report: 'Intoxicated & Remorseful' Suspect Allegedly Dumped Woman In Street After Shooting Her In Head

For locals . . . The most important part of this story is that the unnamed hero in this story heard about it and went to police in order to get help and ALSO urged the suspect to give himself up peacefully . . .

The witness then told officers that Alexander admitted to shooting the woman in the head, then pulling her body out of the car where she was later found. Documents show the witness said Alexander said this happened in his car, and the witness urged Alexander to surrender himself to authorities.

Just short of two hours later, Alexander arrived at the Independence Police Department and turned himself in. The officer noted in the charging documents that Alexander was "intoxicated and remorseful."

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Independence, Missouri man charged with second-degree murder after woman found dead on the side of the road in Raytown

An Independence, Missouri, man has been charged with a Raytown woman's death after she was found lifeless on the side of the road on Halloween. Officers were dispatched to the area of East 87th Street and Raytown Road just after 8 p.m.