Remember When The Pitch 'Best Of' Used To Mean Something In Kansas City???

Me neither.

And I "won" the thing like 5 times.

Then they started rigging the reader's choice section as the mag changed hands a few times. 

Now . . .

It's just one of many social media tags floating around . . . Nearly as meaningful as support for Ukraine from a safe distance. 

 Yes . . . All "Best Of" competitions are rigged but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be fun. This one is okay and there are a few decent suggestions amid a great deal of clickbait flash-in-the-pan dreck.

Still, apropos for #TBT and out of a sense of nostalgia . . . We share the latest version . .  .

"In addition to the listings, it contains great photos of various winners and passionate mini-essays from our editorial team about their favorite people, places, plays, parties and more! Thanks for inspiring something awesome, Kansas City!"

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Best of Kansas City 2022 Results are Now Live!

Nominations are open for Best of Kansas City from now until July 30. We're so grateful to everyone who participated in the Best of KC nomination and voting rounds, from the tens of thousands of readers who filled out ballots to the businesses, artists and even animals who popped up in posts asking for support.

Letter from the Editor: It's here! The Best of KC 2022!!!

Greetings from the Heartland. // Design by Cassondra Jones Time to get down and dirty. And we mean really dirty. We've ventured high into the metro's glistening vistas in search of all the best KC has to offer. But that would be only half the scientific process required to determine this year's true Best Of 2022.