Raymore Fears EPIC Kansas City Dump Despite Foul Promises

Local debate continues as 12th & Oak pledges don't pass the smell test for nearby rural leaders.

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Last month, Raymore issued a statement saying private developers are working with Kansas City, Missouri, to add a landfill at 155th Street and State Route 150.

At Tuesday's meeting, Raymore leaders revealed Jim Bowers, an attorney with the Rouse Frets White Goss law firm, confirmed his involvement in a possible development of the "Flying H Landfill." Raymore says Bowers confirmed he represents Aden Monheiser, a developer of the project.

Kansas City says it isn't working with anyone on a landfill in that area. City Manager Brian Platt reaffirmed that statement Tuesday.

"We aren’t doing a landfill anywhere in Kansas City. @MayorTurnbow I heard your sunshine requests confirmed this," Platt tweeted.

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Raymore, Kansas City leaders discuss landfill questions

The city manager of Kansas City, Missouri, confirmed Tuesday that the city has no plans for a landfill anywhere in the city after weeks of concern from Raymore city leaders about the possibility of a landfill near the border of the two jurisdictions.

Raymore holds meeting to press Kansas City for landfill information

RAYMORE, Mo. - The city of Raymore says "no way" and takes a public stand against a new landfill in its backyard. A landfill that Kansas City says it knows nothing about.

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