Rail Strike Would Shut Down Kansas City & U.S. In Matter Of Days

Don't let the news fool our fellow skeptics . . .

A REAL railroad strike for any amount of time longer than a week might risk starvation of many thousands of Americans. And that's why it's not going to happen.

However, the threats, complaints and bargaining are very real . . . Here's the latest . . .

Railroad workers want paid sick time and better schedules. The strike could happen as soon as Dec. 9.

Locally, industries like the agriculture economy and rail travel would be shut down.

“If it lasts up to a month, that's when I think we'd start to see some major issues and some cracks in the system,” said Nathan Mauck, associate professor of finance at UMKC’s Bloch School.

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Rail strike could impact Kansas City-area agriculture economy, energy production

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - With a potential rail strike imminent, FOX4 is working for you with what this could mean for Kansas City-area families. All eyes are on Congress after President Joe Biden called on lawmakers Monday evening to step in and stop the potential strike, the result of failed union contract talks.