Progressives Blame Police & Racism In Crusade To Stop Execution Of Kevin Johnson

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Witnesses, including his friends, testified to as much and he was convicted.

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The sordid effort to save him from execution puts blame on police and alleged systemic racism. 

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Police abuses — and the grievances they engendered — were not isolated to Ferguson. To longtime residents of St. Louis County like Michelle Smith, co-director of Missourians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty, Johnson’s case can only be fully understood in the context of the community’s relationship to police. “Before there was a Ferguson,” Smith said, “there was a Meacham Park.”

In every practical sense, the first “service” to fully encompass Meacham Park was policing — or, more accurately, over-policing, which manifested itself in many of the same ways that would later be identified in Ferguson. “To be the subject of neglect and harassment simultaneously definitely set up a lot of harm in that community,” Smith said.

This dynamic was entrenched long before Johnson shot McEntee in July 2005. Court filings in Johnson’s case include affidavits from relatives and community members who described relentless police surveillance in Meacham Park. Patrol cars were omnipresent, and neighbors were hassled for minor infractions or questioned for seemingly no reason at all.

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A Special Prosecutor Found Kevin Johnson's Case Was Tainted by Racism. Missouri Is About to Kill Him Anyway.

G rowing up, Khorry Ramey didn't speak to her father about the day he would be put to death. "It was too uncomfortable for me," she said. Her dad, Kevin Johnson, was sent to Missouri's death row in 2007, when she was only 4 years old.