Prairie Village, Kansas Turns To Garbage

One of our most beloved suburban enclaves can't keep up with their trash.

Here's the background story and a reminder that even the Golden Ghetto good life is quickly evolving:

Delays in trash pickup are getting a lot of attention, as residents complain of an uptick in delays, and sometimes, trash isn’t collected until days after it was due.

During a Nov. 7 city council meeting, Prairie Village City Clerk Adam Geffert said Republic Services reps told him they’re short-staffed for drivers locally.

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Continuing delays with trash pickup causing frustration in Prairie Village

PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Kan. - People in Prairie Village, Kansas complain trash pickup keeps coming later and later. City leaders in Prairie Village are taking action to ensure garbage trucks show up on time. The city has a deal with Republic Services to serve as the city's only trash collector.