Omaha Solves Kansas City Crime Crisis?!?


Here's a peek at the plan and a lot of people trying something/anything when most local politicos are content to ignore the problem . . .

"Omaha 360 was launched 16 years ago. In that time, gun violence was down more than 70%, high school graduation was up from 50% to 81%, and unemployment dropped from 21% to 7%."

Actually . . . 

Those numbers are impressive and it would be FANTASTIC to have that kind of impact against crime here as opposed to what seems to be the current plan . . . Playing a silly blame game with police & the Missouri GOP.

Read more via link . . .

Kansas City to adopt Omaha's violence prevention model

Kansas City is adopting a violence prevention and intervention model from the city of Omaha called Omaha 360.It wasn't long ago that everywhere Willie Barney looked, he saw evidence of gun violence, poverty, and lack of hope.