Newspaper Propaganda Promise: Kansas City 'Green' & Electric Jobs Coming Soon

Kansas City has a horrible reputation when it comes to technology that will save the planet. 

Remember that Prez Obama himself championed a Kansas City electric truck maker . . . And then eventually bankruptcy claimed the upstart auto endeavor after burning through MILLIONS of bucks. 

That context is important but often overlooked in reporting so many local "green" efforts . . .

In recent years, union members and employers alike have watched the electrical industry move toward renewable energy, data storage, telecom technology and electrification, among other specialties. Electrification is a big piece of the environmental movement, as it allows activities from transportation to heating and cooking to be run on renewable energy rather than on fossil fuels like oil, gasoline and natural gas.

The city’s new Climate Protection and Resiliency Plan encourages a push toward electrification, including expanding the city’s solar energy infrastructure and ensuring new buildings are wired for all-electric appliances. These initiatives will require skilled electricians.

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This Kansas City program is preparing workers for a boom in green, electric jobs

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers' union hall in south Kansas City is a squat brick building tucked by I-435 east of Swope Park. A closer look reveals four electric car chargers lining the edge of the parking lot, two vertical wind turbines spinning next to the driveway and a roof covered in solar panels gleaming out from behind a row of pine trees.