Newsie Presser Imagines 900K Watching Kansas City Lady Soccer

MAYBE if they looked like hottie Lucy & Michelle . . . And were playing in bikinis. THEN we could imagine throngs of adoring fans.

Other than that . . .

Reasonable people are justified in just a bit of skepticism regarding this bit of hype reported unquestioningly . . . Check-it . . .

“It's empowering for us, it's empowering for our players, but also just kind of shows you how far women's sports have come,” Dani Welniak, chief of communications for the KC Current, said. “Having more than 900,000 viewers, almost a million viewers, the most watched NWSL game in history, means a ton to this franchise.”

Across the country, Kansas City had the most viewers of any other city. Portland was second on the list.

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More than 900,000 people watched the KC Current in NWSL Championship game, most in history of league

The Kansas City Current is hoping its postseason run will build momentum for the future of the franchise.More than 900,000 people watched the Current take on the Portland Thorns in the National Women's Soccer League Championship game on Saturday. That makes it the most watched NWSL game in history with 71% more viewers than last year.