Missouri SecState Ashcroft Election Eve Reax: DOJ Has No Jurisdiction

Down to the wire . . . Here's a bold statement from Missouri's top election official . . .

During the 45-minute meeting, the DOJ officials were told they did not have the authority, nor the jurisdiction to be present at an election site unless invited by the local election authority. “How can we solve the problem unless we know what the problem is?” Ashcroft said. \

Also today, the DOJ was sent a letter outlining the denial and addressing other concerns relating to tomorrow’s election.

“The US Department of Justice should consider the Show-Me State as the example for other states when it comes to sound non-partisan elections,” Ashcroft said.  “It would be highly inappropriate for federal agents to violate the law by intimidating Missouri voters and harassing poll workers on Election Day.”

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Missouri Secretary Of State Office: Ashcroft protects Missouri Elections -- Tells DOJ They Have No Jurisdiction