Missouri Democrats Can't Even Sell Beer: Trudy Bush Valentine Loses Washout

In Missouri that's pronounced . . . "Wa-rsh-out" 

At least amongst all my proud Polish friends in STL. The only good white people who didn't leave the city limits of STL for Chesterfield.

But I digress.

Here's the damage . . .

Schmitt, 47, will replace U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt, who announced his retirement last year and set off a scramble among Republicans to replace him. He emerged from a bruising primary campaign with the aid of millions of dollars in outside spending by political action committees created to bolster his candidacy and tear down his rivals, most notably former Gov. Eric Greitens.

In the general election, Schmitt has focused on a vow to oppose Democratic President Joe Biden and characterizing Valentine as an out-of-touch heiress who will work with the president.

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Eric Schmitt defeats Trudy Busch Valentine in Missouri U.S. Senate race * Missouri Independent

Republican Eric Schmitt will be Missouri's next U.S. Senator, cruising to an easy victory Tuesday over Democrat Trudy Busch Valentine. With roughly 70% of precincts reporting, Schmitt led Valentine 56% to 41%. "Missourians have always been suspicious of a federal government 1,000 miles away telling us how to run our lives," Schmitt told supporters Tuesday night.

Of note . . . Missouri Repbulicans also took back the Auditor job in a resounding landslide.

Developing . . .