Missouri Democratic Party Mantra: We'll Get'em Next Time!!!

Basically . . . The Missouri Democratic Party decided not to compete during the Midterms. 

This might be a wise decision considering the current mood in red state Missouri.

However . . . 

Taking a mulligan isn't exactly an exciting strategy and it doesn't provide much confidence for voters about the future efforts of progressives.

Here's a more optimistic perspective via public radio . . .

"Democrats have hoped for years to cut into the Republican supermajority in Jefferson City. While the chances of that are slim this election, newly drawn statehouse districts means Republicans may have to fight harder for their seats. "

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Redistricting created some competitive races in Missouri. Do more Democrats have a chance?

For decades, Democrats have dreamed of cutting into the supermajority Republicans enjoy in the Missouri General Assembly. There is a chance - a very small chance - that this year Democrats might succeed. "I expect the Republicans to keep the majorities in both chambers.