Mark Alford Documents Freshman Orientation For Congress

We've been low-key checking Mark Alford's socials and enjoyed his intro to political life as a Missouri Congressman-elect.

As he learns the ropes he's still backing hard-line Missouri conservative politics. 

A somewhat recent holiday season example from the former Kansas City morning anchor . . .

"Serving up sheer ignorance for Thanksgiving!! @POTUS now wants to ban ALL semiautomatic weapons. “The idea that we still allow semiautomatic weapons to be purchased is sick” Semiautomatics make up 50% of ALL gun sales in America."

Pro-gun talk is an easy sell in Missouri but the turkey day update lets us know he's serious. 

In the meantime . . . 

Some of FB social media posts are a bit more personal and offer a nice view of a local dude in the midst of an important career change. 

Developing . . .