Long COVID Lingers In Kansas City

A controversial aspect of the pandemic continues to take hold in the metro . . .

Here's one tragic story and a warning that the upcoming cold & flu season could be more serious than many anticipated . . . 

"She spent 101 days in the ICU before she was transferred to a rehab facility. Then she was transferred to Willshire at Lakewood Nursing and Rehab home in Lee’s Summit.

"Nurses and physical therapists at the Lee’s Summit facility spent the past four months helping her learn to walk again."

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Kansas City-area woman home nearly a year after being diagnosed with COVID-19

LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo. - A woman diagnosed with COVID-19 a year ago is really celebrating this Halloween. Donna Wellborn is home for the first time in nearly a year. Doctors diagnosed her with COVID-19 in December, less than a week before Christmas. Welborn spent 101 days in the ICU before she was transferred to a rehab facility.

Long Covid is affecting women more than men, federal survey finds

More than 17% of women reported experiencing long Covid at some point during the pandemic compared to 10% of men, according to Census Bureau data.

Studies Aim to Find Long COVID Treatments

Researchers are studying treatments for the long-lasting effects of COVID infections, known as long COVID. They are excited to learn if naltrexone can offer similar helpful effects to millions of people suffering from health problems months after a coronavirus infection.

Developing . . .